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Handmade Jewelry Basel Switzerland | MQMORA Hand Crafted Jewelry

Colombian Handmade Silver Filigree Jewelry 

Kolumbianische hangemachte Filigran-Schmuck in Basel - Schweiz. 

┬ęby mqmora



Hi, I'm Maqui

"One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art."

Oscar Wilde 

My love for jewelry started looking at my grandmother’s jewelry collection, but I only knew with certainty that I wanted to become a goldsmith after reading “One Hundred Years of Solitude”.

Even though the Coronel’s gold fish have a different meaning in the book, the image of the Coronel making them in his workshop spoke to me and made me fall in love with the craft.


I’m a designer and professional goldsmith currently living in Switzerland. I started my studies in Industrial Design in Colombia and finished them in Italy. I also studied for several years at the Scuola Orafa Ambrosiana in Milan to become a professional goldsmith and since then, I've been traveling to Spain, Colombia and Switzerland to learn different jewelry techniques.


Traveling, history and learning about other cultures are my passions and I try to incorporate them in my designs. My pieces are filled with cultural references and combine traditional techniques with new manufacturing processes.




Olga M.

"My daughter and I are completely satisfied with our experience with MQMORA. Maqui was very helpful in getting the right design we wanted. I was very impressed with the detailed work from the package to the final product."

Custom Order
Basel -Switzerland
Sandra M B.

"Tuve la oportunidad de adquirir una “Baby Fabiola” diseñada y hecha a mano por Maria Camila Mora. En sus detalles se ve el trabajo y la dedicación de un verdadero artista y es por esto que se trata de una pieza única de joyería, que más que un dije es una hermosa creación de arte de excelente calidad. Aconsejo a cada mujer que quiera sentirse aún más bella y elegante, adquirir una de las joyas de MQMORA"

Greta A.

"Love my timeless necklace from MQMORA, Hand Crafted Jewelry by Maria Camila Mora, the Colombian goldsmith based in Basel "

Angles Necklace 
minimalmood by MQMORA
Basel -Switzerland
Baby Fabiola
Fabiola Collection 
Zürich -Switzerland
Monica B.

" Gli orecchini sono bellissimi, e anche il confezionamento!! Complimenti!!

Angles Earrings Peridot
Angles Collection
Vezza d'Alba -Italia
Celine G.

"The Mega Drops Necklace is the most wonderful necklace I have ever had. It is incredibly delicate and simply stunning. Also I have never before been complimented as much by friends and strangers on a piece of jewelry as with this one. I never want to take it off again.:-)"

Mega Drops Necklace
Drops Collection 
Basel -Switzerland
Rebekkah L.

"My earrings from MQMORA are beautiful and unique and I love the delicate detail. They add a special touch to whatever outfit I'm wearing. Highly recommended "

Angles Earrings 
Angles Collection
Basel -Switzerland