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Hi, I'm Maqui

"One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art."

Oscar Wilde 

My love for jewelry started looking at my grandmother’s jewelry collection, but I only knew with certainty that I wanted to become a goldsmith after reading “One Hundred Years of Solitude”.

Even though the Coronel’s gold fish have a different meaning in the book, the image of the Coronel making them in his workshop spoke to me and made me fall in love with the craft.


I’m a designer and professional goldsmith currently living in Switzerland. I started my studies in Industrial Design in Colombia and finished them in Italy. I also studied for several years at the Scuola Orafa Ambrosiana in Milan to become a professional goldsmith and since then, I've been traveling to Spain, Colombia and Switzerland to learn different jewelry techniques.


Traveling, history and learning about other cultures are my passions and I try to incorporate them in my designs. My pieces are filled with cultural references and combine traditional techniques with new manufacturing processes.



"Keeping tradition alive wearing jewelry"



Custom order filigree heart silver studs by MQMORA Hand Crafted Jewelry
Olga M.

"My daughter and I are completely satisfied with our experience with MQMORA. Maqui was very helpful in getting the right design we wanted. I was very impressed with the detailed work from the package to the final product."

Custom Order
Basel -Switzerland
Custom order filigree heart silver studs by MQMORA Hand Crafted Jewelry
Monica B.

" Gli orecchini sono bellissimi, e anche il confezionamento!! Complimenti!!

Angles Earrings Peridot
Angles Collection
Vezza d'Alba -Italia
Sandra M B.

"Tuve la oportunidad de adquirir una “Baby Fabiola” diseñada y hecha a mano por Maria Camila Mora. En sus detalles se ve el trabajo y la dedicación de un verdadero artista y es por esto que se trata de una pieza única de joyería, que más que un dije es una hermosa creación de arte de excelente calidad. Aconsejo a cada mujer que quiera sentirse aún más bella y elegante, adquirir una de las joyas de MQMORA"

Silver Angles Necklace by MQMORA Hand Crafted Jewelry
Greta A.

"Love my timeless necklace from MQMORA, Hand Crafted Jewelry by Maria Camila Mora, the Colombian goldsmith based in Basel "

Angles Necklace 
minimalmood by MQMORA
Basel -Switzerland
Baby Fabiola
Fabiola Collection 
Zürich -Switzerland
Celine G.

"The Mega Drops Necklace is the most wonderful necklace I have ever had. It is incredibly delicate and simply stunning. Also I have never before been complimented as much by friends and strangers on a piece of jewelry as with this one. I never want to take it off again.:-)"

Silver Angles Necklace by MQMORA Hand Crafted Jewelry
Rebekkah L.

"My earrings from MQMORA are beautiful and unique and I love the delicate detail. They add a special touch to whatever outfit I'm wearing. Highly recommended "

Angles Earrings 
Angles Collection
Basel -Switzerland
Mega Drops Necklace
Drops Collection 
Basel -Switzerland

Mompox is a town in Colombia frozen in time. It was declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1995.

Santa Cruz de Mompox (its official name) is located in an island surrounded by an arm of the Magdalena river. Mompox was a safe place for the Spaniards to keep gold and other treasures protected from the siege of pirates and a refuge for the families running away from the pirate attacks in Cartagena.

The high demand for skilled artisans rose the interest of goldsmiths and silversmiths from Spain who settled there, bringing their skills and techniques to the New World.

To this day filigree, this delicate and detailed work technique has been kept and passed from generation to generation, making Mompox famous for its jewelry.


MQMORA works with artisans of Mompox, all of our pieces are mostly handcrafted by these amazingly talented families of craftsmen.

Our goal is to raise awareness, educate our clients and most importantly support our artisans by preventing this beautiful traditional work from disappearing.




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