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July 1, 2016

Sometimes living abroad or when you're just starting your business, you wonder... How can I help others? I don't have the means... How can I make a positive difference in the world? How can I give back to a cause that I believe in?


And what cause is more deserving than: 



For those who are not familiar, our country Colombia, agreed the past 23. of June to a "Definitive Bilateral Cease of Fire and Laying Aside of Weapons" with FARC after more than 50 years of war. We're cautiously optimistic and we're firm believers that every "little grain of sand" helps, that if every Colombian helps with what he/she can, we are going to be able to enjoy, in our lifetime, a country without war, a better Colombia.


Quoting a very inspirational woman


" Giving back doesn't have to be monetary" Satya Scainetti 


That's why at MQMORA, we decided to give back by creating a symbolic piece to represent this new chapter in the history of Colombia. 



We took a very iconic image of our indigenous mythology: the Frog and made Sterling silver studs. The Frog represents: fertility and abundance. Fertility for the PEACE to be able to grow and prosper and abundance so that every Colombian has a decent life.


Here for us, at MQMORA it represents: LEAP. 


"Leap, and the net will appear" John Burroughs


It is a LEAP of faith, this is a time to believe! We must act, believing that the resources we'll need will show up when we need them. This is simply FAITH in its purest form. That's what we require if we want to succeed as a country! A peaceful one! 


This silver studs have a special price and 20% of the profits will go to support the victims of war in Colombia, so that we can help build a country where war doesn't EVER come back.


For orders please contact us at contact@mqmora.com 


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